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Pokemon Sales!
Hello everyone

Welcome to my shop!

Granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.

-RULES- Please read EVERYTHING in RED before continuing.

- Serious buyers only, no backing out, this will result in negative feedback.
- PayPal payments only. Please make sure your information is up to date as I will be using this information to ship the item, unless another  address is requested by the buyer.
- After committing to buy, a price will be quoted to you( total including shipping). Please send this via PayPal. Also, please include what you purchased in the description.
- Items will be shipped via USPS First - Class mail. Tracking is optional for US ONLY. Due to my schedule, I ship only on Wednesday mornings, Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings.
- I do ship internationally. However, there is a minimum order price of $10.00 for me to ship.
- Once the item is dropped off at the post office, it is out of my hands. I will not be held responsible for lost items or damages.


Items available are listed beneath or above the pictures. If an item is not listed, it means it is no longer available. As a side note, if you see "(Hold)" by any item, this means that the item is on hold for a certain period of time. Please ask me about this if you have a question about the item.

Articuno Chou: $3.00

(Top left) Articuno Figure Stamp New and sealed in package: $4.00
(Top Middle) Articuno Dome Figure: $4.00
(Top Right) Articuno Roller Stamp: $4.00
(Bottom Left) Custom Articuno Duct tape Wallet: $3.00

Custom Articuno Charm Necklace: $3.00
Can be taken off of necklace.

Custom Articuno bookmark: $2.00

Articuno MINT Kid: $6.00

Articuno Block Necklace: $1.00

MINT Articuno Coin: $7.00

Items Available In this picture for sale listed below! IF NOT LISTED, ITS NOT AVAILABLE.

Articuno Charm - $12.00

Pokemon Pre-order Figure
Giratina Origin Form: $3.00 Each

Come in box, but have been opened. Black wrapping included.

Articuno UFO Plush with tag
This plush is in mint condition, however, while it was shipped to me, the tag was bent and is creased.
$60.00 OBO

Tomy Articuno Finger puppet plush

Bootleg Articuno UFO.

TOMY Figures

Glossy Charmander (NOT TOMY, Pop Tart promo) $3.00

TOMY continued

Totodile ( NOT TOMY, Pop Tart Promo) - $3.00

TOMY continued

Mew $1.50


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Could i get a quote on all of the golden cards please? C: to US 01752?

Edited at 2013-12-10 12:34 am (UTC)

I'm glad somebody is interested in these, they need a good home. ^.^

Since the cards on their own are $5.00 each you are looking at $30.00 before shipping. Since I am going to have to go to the post office either Wednesday or Friday I can package the items up and give you an exact quote if you like. =)

If this is okay with you please let me know and I will work on packaging the items.

That's fine! :D please let me know what shipping will be! C:

They're so awesome i have a pikachu but not the box or pokeball or anything. I've always wanted to have them!

Can I get a quote to US 37421 for Staryu and Gengar? :D Tomys

Oh, derp. If it isn't listed it's gone. Sorry!

(Deleted comment)
You would be looking at $9.50 shipped.

If interested, please send payment to AWLOTT006@HOTMAIL.COM via PayPal. Please include your username and the item you bought in the payment description. Also, please verify your address as I will use it to ship.

(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry, I actually bought one when they came out, but I sold it not too long after.

Do you still have the bootleg articuno? How much to 30102

Total shipped would be $9.75

If interested please send payment to AWLOTT006@HOTMAIL.COM via PayPal. Please include in the description your user name and item purchased. Please note, that due to my schedule I won't be able to ship this item until Saturday morning at the latest.

Hi! :) I know this is an old post but are you still selling any of these Articuno items? Thanks! :)

I updated the post a bit, but unsure if I still have the items on there. If you let me know what you are interested in I can let you know. =)

I'm interested in most of the Articuno merchandise (excluding the two customs) particularly the Banpresto plush, the chou, the stamp, the finger puppet etc. Let me know please thanks! :)

Hi just a question. I´m interested on the Articuno UFO plush, do you accept $40? I´m from Mexico, how much is the shipping cost?


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